When Daniel Craig walked across the stage at this year’s Comic-Con, there was some extra pep in his step and this is why. Apparently, the British actor has been confirmed to star as the male lead in the highly anticipated American adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, which is being directed by David Fincher. Now, the role of his female counterpart has become the focus of the production and according to EW, they’ve narrowed it down to four actresses.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo centers on a middle-aged journalist who joins forces with a private investigator named Lisbeth Salander to solve a missing persons case that’s been open for decades. Craig will play the distressed journalist while several of Hollywood’s most talented actresses have been mentioned as potentials to play Lisbeth.

So far, we’ve heard rumors of Ellen Page, Carey Mulligan, and even Natalie Portman (who denied that she was even approached for the role in our interview). EW reports that the director wants to go with lesser known ladies such as “Rooney Mara, who recently finished working for Fincher on his upcoming film The Social Network; French actress Lea Seydoux, who appeared as Isabella of Angouleme in this year’s Robin Hood, as well as last year’s Inglourious Basterds; and two Australian actresses: Sarah Snook and Sophie Lowe.”

Yeah, out of that bunch I’m not personally attached to any of them. Mara wasn’t that captivating in A Nightmare on Elm Street but then again, all the characters in that film were cardboard cutouts. The other actresses are barely memorable from their respective movies, is that bad?

Who do you think should play Lisbeth? What do you think of Craig’s casting?