Last night’s episode of “True Blood” was entitled “I Got a Right to Sing The Blues.” It was the first time in a long time that the show has kicked up its momentum and we’re fully interested. The highlight was Tara, who got her groove back in the most ass kicking way possible. Her playing the broken, defenseless punching bag was getting old…real old. Check out the rest of our review…

The Players:

Episode Title: “I’ve Got a Right To Sing The Blues”

Tara gets in Franklin’s face. Russell shows some bad management techniques, and has unfortunate taste in managers. Sam’s family is even worse than we thought. Sophie-Ann enjoys scratch tickets and discovers she has an engagement. Lafayette might have lost his own personal Jesus.

The Good:

  • Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Unless You Have a Blunt Object: Tara gets the bulk of the butt-kicking duties this episode, starting with beating Franklin into a fine paste. Finally! She even frees Sookie, showing that the character is finally back to normal.
  • Drug Dealers Sleep Alone: Lafayette’s budding romance might be toast already, but unlike most attempts to bury the gays with a backhoe, this one is actually a problem that makes sense: Jesus is not exactly a fan of Lafayette’s career in, ah, “pharmaceutical distribution.”  We’re pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of this plot-line, especially since Jesus has a weird reaction to some of Lafayette’s decorations.
  • Family Matters: We never thought we’d say anything positive about “Sam’s family,” but now that we know that they’re into dog-fighting, (and are werewolves around), we see exactly where this is going. We’d feel bad for Sam’s inevitable orphanhood, except we’re rooting for these people to die before it’s revealed they abuse animals for money.
  • Lorena Bobbited: OK, so the neck-breaking sex was kind of weird, but otherwise, this whole thing with Lorena has worn out its welcome. So Bill rejecting the douchy persona he embraced this season and handing Lorena a verbal smackdown was incredibly welcome.
  • Payday: This episode felt like a mid-season finale, which we suppose it kind of is, but it paid off a lot of plotlines. It established what Russell will be up to the rest of the season, advanced a lot of other character, and generally kept up the narrative momentum.

The Weird:

  • Homophobic Meth Dealers Attack!: Not that we’re complaining that Lafayette got a chance to show off what a badass he was, but we’re kind of wondering just how and why these guys conveniently showed up. Then again, Bon Temps is defined by incredibly bad timing, so we’re tempted to let it go.

The Bad:

  • Nazis?  Sure, Throw Them In: Yeah, we haven’t firmly established Russell as a jerk, let’s name-drop Adolf Hitler at one point in the episode, just in case we missed that he was a bad guy. Hey, Alan Ball, try boning up on Godwin’s Law.
  • Crystal’s Not Clear: We never thought Arlene could become less annoying. Then the show introduced us to Crystal.  Just shut up and try to eat him, or turn into a wolf in front of him, or wherever your pointless story is going. And try and kill Arlene in the process.


Not the best episode, but it moves so fast that you don’t care. Tara back to form alone makes this a hoot.

Rating: 8/10

“True Blood” airs on Sunday nights at 9pm on HBO

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