When the Comic-Con Marvel panel took place today, it featured the director and stars of Captain America: The First Avenger. Chris Evans, who plays the title role was on hand as well as Hugo Weaving.who stars as the villain Red Skull, and Joe Johnston the director. They spoke about their vision for the superhero and what comic book runs they’ve pulled from to create his origin story. We also got confirmation regarding Caps suit and Red Skull’s mask.

When asked to describe the tone of Captain America: The First Avenger Johnston referred to it as a “classic adventure love story with an edge.” He also stated that he’s a big fan of Ed Brubaker’s version of the character and was heavily influenced by it. That being said, this Captain America will be a lot more modern than the original even though the entire film takes place in the 1940s.

When he showed a teaser trailer from the film there wasn’t really anything to see. There were a lot of snippets of old war footage floating across the screen with an imprint of the Captain America shield transparently moving from the background to the foreground. And before you know it there’s Evans, standing in the suit and he throws the shield at the screen.

All that was done with only 5-8 days of shooting. Evans hasn’t really filmed anything in the suit yet, the material they showed was from a wardrobe test. As for Weaving and Red Skull’s infamous face/mask, he kept it vague but he did reveal that he’s only been in the mask one day and it’s made of “light weight pieces.” He exclaimed that it “looks fantastic.”

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