The cast of Zack Snyder’s female dominated action flick Sucker Punch took over Comic-Con with their official Hall H panel and those in attendance were lucky enough to see some cool footage. We also discovered some interesting news regarding Snyder’s plans for the film and his next project. Find out the dirt below…

Snyder came out first and talked about how excited he was to be at Comic-Con again (the usual). He took over the moderator’s job and decided to introduce the cast members which included Carla Gugino, Jena Malone, Vanessa HudgensJamie Chung, and Emily Browning. They all introduced themselves and talked a bit about their characters in the film.

After the intro, they showed the first trailer for the film, which we gave an in depth description of in our first look. After that, Snyder spoke a bit about his next project, Xerxes, the follow up/spin-off to 300. He’s currently co-writing the screenplay right now and is definitely doing the movie.

Before they left he also let us know that he thinks Sucker Punch will be rated PG-13 (gasp!). We know it sounds crazy but he honestly thinks it might happen. He said that the ratings board gave Lord of the Rings a PG-13 and they cut monster’s heads off so why not? Sucker Punch also has the same kind of fantastical element to it so it could be possible.

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