Update: The first Sucker Punch trailer is now available. Watch it now!

Now lets hand it over to the ladies! It’s about damn time we kicked the men out of the action films and let the women take over! They just screened the first footage from Sucker Punch at Comic-Con 2010, and although it’s not fully finished and some of the scenes still need a bit of work, it kicks some serious ass and once again raises the artistic bar for an “action” flick. The footage was presented by director Zack Snyder, along with a some of his female-dominated cast Jamie Chung, Carla GuginoVanessa Hudgens, Emily Browning, and Jena Malone.

Sucker Punch is the story of a young woman named Babydoll (Browning), who tries to escape a mental asylum after she discovers that her step-father plans on having her lobotomized in five days. With that in mind, here’s what we saw at the Sucker Punch panel at Comic-Con 2010.

The clips are definitely reminiscent of 300 and Watchmen, but with a bit of Moulin Rouge and a bunch of really hot chicks. What we saw was definitely more of a mix-mash of clips rather than a trailer. It’s kind of hard to really understand the story or if there is a story because it seems so different.

The tone of it is extremely dark and much more serious than expected. It begins with “Close your eyes. Open your mind,” then there’s an odd insane asylum, followed by an amazing dancing number, then samurai swords, and suddenly there are dragons and warriors. It’s unclear how these complex burlesque numbers really tie in, it’s almost as if we just watched clips from three different films — hopefully it all comes together and Snyder didn’t try to cover too much.

As for the special effects — most likely unfinished — they look more like a video game than a film. This is probably due to the stage of the project and not a problem with it — but one could only hope.

“Baby Doll” played by Browning appears to be the lead character and the one that we follow, or at least the one that we see the most.

We do get to see the “villain” played by Jon Hamm, It is fun to see Hamm playing a bad guy, it gives him and the film a bit of an edge. Hamm appears to be a doctor who is performing the lobotomy. There’s a possibility that what’s going on is happening in two different worlds – the real world where the lead character (Baby Doll, we assume) is being made to seem crazy and controlled by others and in a lot of pain and another where she and those around her are warriors, but at this point nothing is clear.

As to be expected the women are tough as nails, I’d like to see them go head to head with the Spartans of 300. The fun part is that despite fighting in wars they always have perfect make-up — for some reason it seems to work with Snyder’s version of reality. According to Snyder the film’s rating will be PG-13, but is borderline R. The film is extremely stylized, the texture is rich, and it looks like you could freeze frame any moment and turn it into a painting – something Snyder is amazing at, he is a true artist.

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