Update: The new Let Me In red band trailer is now available!

Before the panel for Let Me In started, the head honcho from Hammer Films came out and decided to introduce a an extended trailer for the movie. If you’ve seen the Swedish version of it, there are a lot of similarities between the two, which shouldn’t shock you considering the original producers worked on the American version. Here’s an in-depth look at the latest trailer, and two exclusive scenes that were screened specifically for Comic-Con

It starts off dark and mysterious showing some of the same scenes present in the original trailer. There’s a shot of both Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee) and Abby (Chloe Moretz) sitting outside in the snow with her putting her hand on top of his after she sees that he’s been attacked at school. There’s also a similar shot from the Swedish version that features a body being hung upside down and getting drained of blood.

There’s also a shot of Abby’s face and hands covered with blood wrapping her arms around Owen. There’s footage of Elias Koteas‘ character who’s a policeman tracking the mysterious killings in their town. They show him uncovering a sleeping Abby in a bathtub and after a second her eye open but her pupils are gray and she jump on him and drags his body across the floor.

They showed two new scenes from the film. Here’s Scene One.

The film takes place in the early eighties and the scene features the music group the Culture Club blasting in the background. Owen and Abby go to a convenience store and he buys several packs of Now & Laters candy. He tells her that they’re his favorite candy and asks her if she’d like some and she says no thank you. Owen looks slightly heartbroken that she’s denied his offer and with sadness in her eyes she decides that she’ll take one.

Once she eats it, the scene cuts to her outside the store vomiting. Owen sees her and she feels ashamed and says sorry. He gives her a hug and she asks him if he likes her and he said, “Yes. A Lot.”  She replies, “Would you like me if I wasn’t a girl?” Owen has a perplexed look on his face and asks her what she meant and she said nothing.

Scene Two:

In this scene, Richard Jenkins’ plays “The Father” of Abby and he’s in the kitchen preparing to go on an “outing.” Abby walks in and asks him if he’s about to leave and he replies, “Do I have a choice.” It cuts to Father lying in the bottom of the car of a young college age boy. He’s preparing to kidnap and drain his blood (while he’s alive) so Abby can have something to to drink.

His attack goes terribly wrong when the boy picks up a friend and makes a stop at a gas station. The driver leaves the passenger in his car and Father attacks him, and tries to steal the car while driving backwards. The entire scene of him driving the car is shot from the perspective of the backseat of the car. We see him back up, turn around, and eventually get hit and rolls into a ditch.

Matt Reeves says the footage we saw wasn’t 100% complete with special effects but the material we saw didn’t look that bad.

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