Tonight at Comic-Con, Kevin Smith casually mentioned a new bit of casting info for his upcoming film Red State. It’s this guy, in the above photo! You’ve seen him in some cool movies, but you don’t know his name, because you don’t pay attention, unless they’re giant movies stars. Call yourself a fan of movies, will you… Check it out after the jump to find out this guy’s name!

Michael Parks! The deputy from the awesome first scene of Robert RodriguezFrom Dusk Til Dawn! And that cool scene in Kill Bill Vol. 1! You know, the one where he thinks she’s dead, then she spits in his face, and he says, “Son number one, this tall, glass of cocksucker ain’t dead.” Boy, that movie is awesome.

Anyway, Red State will be a send up of hate-filled, runaway church groups like the Westboro Baptist Church, who coincidentally happen to be picketing this event (we knew they would show up here sooner or later). This could be a return to form for Smith, since his last really good film was the other religious farce, Dogma.

What do you think of Parks’ casting? Can you name any other films that he’s appeared in?

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