The WB just screened about 4 minutes of new footage for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at Comic-Con 2010 and it’s absolutely amazing to see how much they’re able to do with this series. It has action, mystery, drama, comedy, and even more suspense than in the other films.

It’s clear that the budget is bigger, all the plot points have come to a head, the stacks are all raised, the acting bar is higher than ever, the sets are bigger, the cast is ALL there, and overall it’s bigger, grander, and more intense than any Potter movie we’ve seen before.

In the trailer we see that Voldemort is stronger than ever and well backed growing more dangerous. He now has control over the Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts.

Harry is under direct attack, his two best friends are being put to the ultimate test and may not me able to continue following him if they want to stay alive. There is one scene between Harry and Ron that seems a bit dramatically forced, although it may just have been because the scene was out of context.

No one knows what the horcruxes look like, and danger is literally coming at them from all angles. The tension and the suspense was so high it had me entranced.

Check out photos of the horcruxes and Potter’s invisible cloak from the convention floor at San Diego Comic-Con.

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