Update: Watch video of Harrison Ford and the rest of the cast’s dramatic entrance for their Hall H panel

According to the Comic-Con rules, we at ScreenCrave could not record any of the footage Jon Favreau shared with us from his latest flick Cowboys and Aliens, but suffice it to say that it looked awesome! With writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, and the film’s enormously talented cast 0f actors, including Daniel CraigSam Rockwell, Olivia Wilde, and Harrison Ford, this could prove that Favreau is the new king of the big budget action flick! Check out the description of the footage, after the jump…


The footage begins with Craig riding into a small, dusty town, battered and bloodied. He cautiously enters a house that’s clearly not his own, and begins to clean himself up, and examines a strange gash on his side. He’s wearing a weird metal bracelet that covers half of his forearm. As he’s cleaning his wound, the house’s owner, played by Clancy Brown (The Shawshank Redemption, “Lost“), points a gun at his head.

In the next scene, Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood), wakes Craig up by spitting on him repeatedly, threatening him that when his father comes to free him, Craig is going to be sorry. Craig reaches through the cell and bashes his head on the bars.

Following that, the sheriff, played by Keith Carradine, loads Dano and Craig into a wagon to be taken away, when a posse, led by Harrison Ford, comes to fetch his son, as well as Craig, who apparently stole something from him. In the middle of their argument, everyone stops to look at a wall of flame approaching the town.

Suddenly, the flame transforms into a number of crescent shaped spaceships which fire blue lasers at the town and blow it to smithereens! Barns, the sheriff’s station, the saloon, they all get blown up! A child (Noah Ringer, The Last Airbender), hiding beneath a porch, is terrified. Olivia Wilde reaches below and pulls him to safety. The wagon holding Craig is blown on its side, and he crawls out the hole. He then notices the strange bracelet on his wrist has started to glow.

Stepping into the thoroughfare, when his wrist bracelet fires the same laser out at the ship. It connects just as the ship dives and almost takes Craig’s head off, and crashes in the dirt behind him. Everyone gathers around, staring at the wreckage. Ford shoots a distrustful look at Craig, and they share a bad-ass staredown as the bracelet cools and dims down.


The most impressive thing about the footage shown was its tone. It was slow and quiet, understated in every regard, evenly building until the action kicks in. But even then, through the explosions, the camera holds still. The image is clear and there is never a sense of being unable to tell what’s happening. And again, to see such a distinguished cast trade tough guy stares with each other, and know that they will certainly get into it in a major way with some monstrous aliens!

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