For those of you who have never been to Hall H at Comic-Con before, it’s THE place to have your film presented for the first time. It’s where Iron Man, Avatar, Tron and all premiered their first ever footage and got enough buzz created that it lead to box office records. Normally you have to get in line by 6am if you even want a chance to enter. If anything like Twilight or Harry Potter is going on, you better be willing to camp for at least 24 hours in line to have a chance of the back row of the 7,000 person theater.

I woke up around 9am and walked to the line thinking I’d have a bit of a wait only to find that NO ONE was there. I just got into Hall H, no line, no fuss, talked to the “End of the Line” guy who was standing at the entrance about how he’s never seen anything like this before, check out what he had to say:

Shortly after this, I entered to find an almost empty theater.

Now 30 minutes before the panel begins for never-before-seen footage, I’ve walked to the front section of the room, taken a lovely aisle seat dead center in front of the screen and saved a seat for a colleague who will wander in, in a few hours.

After talking to the security outside, they said this is one of the WORST turn outs they’ve ever seen of all time. They also added that yesterday after Tron, people were literally flooding out before the Salt panel began with Angelina Jolie.

Comic-Con started as a festival for people who loved comic books. The movies followed and soon the studios. But have the studios taken it too far? With an event specifically designed for the fans, it appears as if they’ve voted, they don’t want just anything at THEIR event.

Studios can’t just bring ANYTHING to Comic-Con and expect people to fill the halls. Despite the fact that Comic-Con sold out 6 months ago, and there will be 250,000 wandering the halls, it doesn’t guarantee an audience for ANY film.

The people have decided. Drive Angry 3D doesn’t belong at Comic-Con. In fact, the rest of the day is pretty weak as well. We can only hope that Skyline will be a pleasant surprise and that Guillermo del Toro (who I think is a genius but still doesn’t really fit into the Comic-Con quota) will be able to wow audiences with something creative and unexpected.

As I finish writing this, the hall is about half full (which is still a pretty poor showing of people), and it turns out there was a schedule change. Many people arrived in hopes of seeing Pirhana 3D, not Drive Angry, and now they are starting to get upset. It seems it isn’t a shining moment for Hall H today.

And don’t even get us started on Salt being on Comic-Con the day before it opens in theaters!

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