What is “Kato Vision”? It should be self explanatory but if it’s not here’s the rundown. At the official Green Hornet Comic-Con panel, which we live blogged by the way, Seth Rogen introduced an exclusive clip from the film that featured Kato (Jay Chou) kicking some serious ass. The scene was is 3D, which means we got the full punch to the face effect that we’re sure they wanted. Here’s how it works….

The Scene Setup:

Britt and Kato are having a conversation about his late father. They’re both drunk and commiserating over his bad treatment of both of them. Britt tells Kato a story about an action figure he had as a kid. He said his father took it and ripped its head off right in front of him and it made him angry. There’s a statue of his dad in the middle of town, so they decide get even and decapitate it.

While in the middle of their head-heist, Britt sees a young woman getting harassed by a group of scraggly looking men. He jumps in to help telling them to leave her alone, but somehow ends up on his back with a knife to his throat. Kato sees that his friend is in trouble and jumps to his aid. Enter Kato Vision!

The Vision:

Kato steps out of his car and stares down the group of men. We get a point of view shot of him zoning in on their weapons, where each of them illuminate with the color red. The camera then does a close up of his eye and he starts throwing fists, elbows, and decapitated heads. Yes, he used the head from the statue as a weapon.

The most interesting thing about the sequence was the doubling up of certain images. You saw a bit of it in the trailer when he kicks a guy across a car and it looks like he’s flying across 5 instead of one. That’s Kato vision for ya.

Overall it looked decent. It wasn’t as horrifying as I thought it would be. Just like the folks from the Priest panel they also spoke about taking their time with the 3D conversion process because they want the movie to look good and not like visual cancer (my words, not theirs). I have to admit, Kato Vision meshes well with the extra dimension.