Update: For more info on Green Hornet check out our video press conference coverage.

This will be the last year Seth Rogen comes to Comic-Con as the Green Hornet. We’re sure you have your own opinions about the latest superhero and who’s playing him, but while many of the panels we’re covering at the event don’t really belong at a comic book convention, The Green Hornet sure does, so let’s give ‘em some credit for that. We’ve got Rogen and Christoph Waltz, director Michel Gondry, writer Evan Goldberg and producer Neal Moritz in the house. Here we go…

5:32 PM: Seth Rogen has just taken the stage and he still looks skinny. He just made a crack about Ryan Reynolds. He’s tired of people getting them confused.

5:36 PM: They just showed a long trailer with some new footage. It had a darker tone. There was still comedy but Christoph Waltz’s character is really bad ass. He’s scares me.

Updates below….

5: 40 PM: Neal Moritz talking about why they decided to do the movie in 3D. Michel always wanted to do it in 3D in the beginning, but Moritz didn’t want to convert it in 6-8 weeks, which is why they pushed the date back for the release date.

5:41 PM: About to get our first look at the Kato vision. It features a drunk Kato and Britt who go and try to cut the head off of a statue of Britt’s dead father.

5:42 PM: Seth just said that some of Jay Chou’s music might pop up in the film. Yeah, that guy can do anything.

5:46 PM: There’s some creepy guy ogling over Christoph Waltz but he asked a decent question. He wanted to know why he decided to do another villain role. He said he wanted to do a comedy, and he wanted to work with the rest of the cast and the crew.

5:55 PM: Seth is asked about his weight. He was thin in the movie but even thinner now. He’s said, “Right now, I’m dying.”  He doesn’t know how long his weight will stay off.

5: 56 PM: A guy dressed like Kato just came up to the mic and said his name was Brian and Seth said, “No it’s not.” (Kato) ha!

5:57 PM: There’s this green haired chick at the mic asking a question and she seems really stoned. Seth just called her out and said, “Save me some. You sound stoned.” And yeah, she admitted that she was. She tried to make a little “sale” too.

6:04 PM: A kid just walked up and he’s pretty much having an orgasm at the mic because of how good looking The Hornettes (Green Hornet girls) are. Gross. Seth just said, “boner alert, boner alert.”

6: 05 PM: Christoph just admitted that he wasn’t a comic type before this movie. The room went slightly silent because their so shocked. Get over it people.

6: 06 PM: Michel keeps getting asked the same question from fans, “How did it feel going from your experimental films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to Green Hornet.” They all ask that same question and use the same film as their example.

6: 08 PM: Somebody just asked ANOTHER question about it being converted into 3D. They have literally spoken about this 3 times during this panel. People just don’t listen.

6: 10 PM: Some nasally sounding kid just asked Christoph how his kids feel about him playing bad guys. He wanted to know if they really think he’s a bad guy.  He answered, “Thank you for your concern.” But he doesn’t tell his kids that him killing is make believe. Oh, Christoph always the joker.

6: 14 PM: Wow, they’re wrapping up. That was quick! Short and sweet.

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