Apparently Comic-Con is the place to announce stuff so Will Ferrell and Adam McKay used their The Other Guys spot to showcase their latest project. They claimed it was top secret and this was the first time anyone was hearing or seeing anything from it. It’s called The Virginity Hit, and they showed us the first trailer for the teen-sex comedy that’s slated to hit theaters this fall. Have you heard anything about the movie? If not here’s what’s up….

The Virginity Hit starts off like a typical teen, raunch fest. It shows some lonely dorky guy (with glasses of course) and his equally dorky friends trying to get laid. This isn’t anything original because we’ve seen it all before, right? The twist here is that the poor sap makes an elaborate plan to lose his virginity to his girlfriend (who’s also a virgin, supposedly) ON YOUTUBE.

The trailer shows him almost doing the deed but his girlfriend spots the camera and leaves him high and dry and — with blue balls. From there on, we see a montage of sex antics that feature him trying to date other women (online) but eventually trying to win her back.

The only major thing that sticks out from the movie is that it’s shot using a very obvious hand-held camera style. It doesn’t look like a regular film but it’s not crappy over the top handheld like Cloverfield either. It’s in the middle.

McKay and Ferrell also announced that they were screening the film tonight in San Diego at The Redding Gaslamp Theater at 8PM. They’ll be on hand to introduce it and we’re sure that will be fun.

Are you interested in seeing Virginity Hits?

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