Director James Gunn, actors Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, Nathan Fillion, Michael Rooker and producers Ted Hope and Miranda Bailey were all in attendance to mock one another and show the first piece of footage from their upcoming film Super at Comic-Con 2010. Super is a film written and directed by Gunn about a ‘down-on-his-luck’ man who attempts to win his wife back from arms of glamorous drug dealer.

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Will Super be worth your precious time?

Fuck yes. The footage from the film looks like Kick-Ass mixed with Defendor and then made as rude and comically vulgar as possible. It’s some of the most graphic humor I’ve seen. In a way, it’s like Zombieland but more offensively brilliant.

The footage for this film was almost indescribably hilarious. It holds absolutely nothing and will once again set a new bar for the mock comic book genre that’s been developing with Defendor, Paperman, Kick-Ass etc.

It’s so fun to see the dark, demented side of Wilson. He’s in your face, rude, dark, insulting, and not afraid to nail an innocent woman in the face with a wrench for talking back — and enjoy doing it. The director quoted him saying on set in reference to the abuse “this is my thing! Don’t knock it!” It’s fun to see Wilson take charge of the Super panel, repeatedly mock the producers voice, asking Liv Tyler and Ellen Page “do you talk or just sit there?” when they’re trying to be respectful and just overall impress us with his off-killer humor.

As for James Gunn, despite the fact that he’s extremely nice and accessible in person, when it comes to his films he takes no prisoners, if he’s going to make a movie that’s rude and insulting he’s going to take it to the limit.

The Wilson/Gunn combo is one to watch out for and the supporting cast only adds to its strength.

Check this video from the Super panel:

[youtube 442ftswG3Ng 570 420]

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