***Update: Drive Angry 3D Teaser Trailer is Online***

My Bloody Valentine director Patrick Lussier touched down at Comic-Con and brought some lovely company with him including Nicolas Cage, William Fichtner, and Amber Heard. They attended a special panel to take about their film Drive Angry 3D , which centers on a vengeful father who seeks those who killed his daughter. In the next half-hour we’ll give you some details about the never-before-seen footage they’ve promised to show us and anything else you might want to know. Plus, we have plenty of stills from Drive Angry.

***Drive Angry photos now up. Check them out below!***

Will all of this convince you to go see it?


The film only finished filming 9 weeks ago and they only began special effects on the project 3 weeks ago. Considering that, the film looks pretty solid if you like white trash driving movies. The 3D definitely didn’t look finished so I won’t judge that part of it yet, it does look promising. Seeing as it was shot in 3D and not converted definitely works to its advantage.

It’s obvious that they followed through on what they proposed. It’s a flat out action film — they drive a lot of sweet cars fast (and angry!), they have the token sexy lady with a bloody nose, and they blow a lot of shit up. Patrick says that they stayed pure and REALLY did a lot of the stunts that you see in the film and “really flew the car off the bridge” even though it was completely illegal. It definitely looks like they did some damage to that bridge as well.

It does seems like they picked a few things and kept repeating them. In the brief clip, there were six cars on fire, three ass shots of Amber Heard, and five gun shots at the screen.

With subtitles like “He Left Hell” and “Now the Devil Wants Him Back” I think we know what we’re in for.

Fichtner, as the bad-ass “Accountant” who must count body parts instead of cash, looks to have the most interesting character of the bunch.

The Panel:

One of the most interesting things that the director revealed, was where the name of the film came from. The title of the movie actually came from Ground Hog Day when Bill Murray was shouting “Don’t drive angry” and the director thought “Yeah, do drive angry!”

Cage spoke briefly on why he took the role:

“I like characters that raise for questions that answers… I see him like the protector. He has this mission to save this little baby… he’s not on drugs but he enjoys a bit of sugar… waitresses seem to find him attractive…”

Why 3-D?

Cage: “Patrick is on the fore-front, to me is a purist… I definitely felt like I was in good hands.”

Amber on roles: “Those roles are rare, if not completed hard to find and I jumped at the opportunity to throw some  punches, shoot some guns and drive a ’69 Charger along the way.”

Nick on driving: “It’s not a secret I like to drive and drive fast. I had the chance to work with Johnny Martin, from Gone in 60 Seconds, we have a lot of training in our background. I’m okay driving alone, it’s when I have stunt women on the hood of my car at 80, 90, 100 mph…”

Amber: “Not just stunt women!”

Nick: “Amber was on the hood too! I kept chanting “no one is going to get hurt, no one is going to get hurt” but my adrenaline was up.”

This was one of the shortest panels, less than 15 minutes with visuals and the footage included. The showing of people was a little bit better than earlier this morning.

Check out some photo stills from Drive Angry 3D below:

Any thoughts?

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