The inexplicability of Angelina Jolies super-human existence is officially off the charts. Why? Because while she isn’t busy adopting half of the Third World, maintaining a position as a Goodwill Ambassador, and keeping Brad Pitt amused, she’s pulling off yet another bad-ass action film. This summer’s highly anticipated blockbuster, Salt, directed by Phillip Noyce could potentially stand toe-to-toe at the box-office with last weeks booming success, Inception.

Let’s take a closer look…

The Players:

The Plot:

As a highly accomplished/respected CIA officer, Evelyn Salt is a diamond in the rough. On the evening of her anniversary, she’s called in for a last minute emergency cross examination of a Russian prisoner, and a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy. Without any solid explanation, Salt immediately takes off and initiates the goose-chase of the century to avoid disclosing the truth behind her identity.

The Good:

  • Pacing/Writing: First things first, round of applause for a 100-minute run-time.  Salt wasted zero time and achieved its “bad-ass” quota quite deftly, and without the typical Action/Thriller fluff.  The story unravels itself with gripping suspense, though with a certain grace and fluidity  - the audience was captivated by the mystery, and not so eager for answers. We’re enjoying the twists and turns of Salt‘s anonymity.
  • Performances: Gold stars across the boards in this department.  There was more than one occasion for cheesy, declarative (!) dialogue – though they were sufficiently overshadowed/saved by solid acting.
  • Ending: The story offers something of a “pay-off,” while still rendering the audience uncertain. Salt’s identity and “allegiance” is revealed, but there’s no definitive conclusion or outcome to her mission. Hellooo, sequel!

The Bad:

  • Eat Something: Yes, Ms. Jolie is a bad-ass. But let’s be frank, the viability of a 90-pound sack of bones scaling a 30-story building, bare-foot, with a dog in her back pack…or beating the ever-loving crap out of 90% of the secret service is pretty slim.
  • Chase Scenes: The chase scenes were well-executed and visually stirring, but indisputably unrealistic. This is an action-film, so exaggerated reality is almost a requirement – but, again, the likelihood of Ms. Jolie surviving explosions, car accidents, and machine guns is pretty dim.


See it.

Rating: 6.5/10

Salt hits theaters on July 23rd.

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