We’re currently here at the “Anti-Hereos of Showtime” panel with Michael C. Hall and new showrunner Chip Johannessen of “DEXTER“, David Duchovny and Executive Producer and creator Tom Kapinos of “Californication“, Mary-Louise Parker and Executive Producer and creator Jenji Kohan of “Weeds“, along with Linda Wallem, Executive Producer, writer and one of the creators of “Nurse Jackie.”

Right now, they’re showing a bunch of fun clips and talking about the vices that lead their characters which we all love.

Check out what Michael C. Hall thinks of his “loveable” Dexter… (videos to come)

Poor Duchovny just got asked about The X-Files and I think 4/5 of the questions for Hall were some version of “do you think it’s weird that your character kills people?” and Parker got asked “what her favorite nude scene was” which she responded “there are so many, what’s yours?”

After Linda Wallem finished having a stroke at just being in front of so many people, she answered almost every question that no one else did and showed that she is just as funny as her writing.

They showed all the latest promos for the shows for “Californication”,Dexter,” and Nurse Jackie.” All of them show a lot of growth and change from what we have come to expect from the characters.

  • Dexter who was once a cold-hearted- unemotional character now has opened himself up and found his own son in the same position as him. He’s come full circle and has to make a choice of whether to open up further or go even deeper.
  • As for “Californication” – it appears Hank may finally have to grow up and will no longer be allowed to remain the kid who takes whatever he wants. He may actually have to take some god damn responsibility!
  • Nurse Jackie has finally been busted. We all knew it had to happen, but the big question will be, what happens to her now and those around her?

More videos to come! My computer is about to die!

  • “Californication” premieres August 16th
  • “Dexter” premiere on Sept 26th
  • “Nurse Jackie” and “Californication” will both be back next year, no dates set just yet.

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