Update: Be sure to check out video from the official Red Press Conference too!

Summit Entertainment was in the house with their panel for the graphic novel adaptation of RED with comic-book artist Cully Hamner, writer-creator Warren Ellis, actors Bruce Willis, Karl Urban, Mary-Louise Parker and Oscar winner Helen Mirren. The panel was actually pretty enjoyable. Mirren was hilarious. Urban was charming as usual, and Willis was — Willis. During the panel we got to see the new theatrical trailer for the film, and watch the actors get loose while answering some questions from fans.

A lot of people bitch and moan about graphic novels being adapted and most of the anger comes from the authors of the properties. We all know about Alan Moore and his personal hatred of Warner Bros’ Watchmen film. That wasn’t the case with writer Warren Ellis. He couldn’t care less about what the studio did with RED. He stated that he wanted to see what they could do with the film. He said, it’s meant to be an “adaptation not a translation.”

Ellis also made a dig at the other writers who get a little “too involved” with their movie adaptations specifically Mark Millar. After that the crowd let out a loud “Ooh” so Ellis backtracked and said “that’s going to get back to him in about 10 seconds.”

Everyone was entertaining in their own way. Willis spoke about how excited he was to work with everyone in the film especially Richard Dreyfuss. He even revealed that all the cast members came up a special nickname for him when they found out he was going to be in the movie.

“Oh my God, Jaws is gonna be here. That was our little code name for him, Jaws. I get to work with Jaws today,” said Willis.

Oh, Bruce. They may be old but their hilarious!

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