Let the geek times roll! Star Trek‘s J.J. Abrams and Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Joss Whedon are about to chit-chat on the future of pop culture for an hour or so. EW is promising an in-depth conversation about how technology, gaming, and global culture are reshaping how Hollywood tells stories through TV, film and the web. Who better to elaborate of the subject than these two guys? We’re here at The Visionaries panel and it’s time for the nerdgasms to begin…

3:43 pm: Abrams and Whedon have taken the stage. Their talking about when they first met each other back in their WB days during “Felicity” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

3:44 pm: Whedon says there was never any doubt that he would be a storyteller. Abrams says when he was a kid he was the idiot who loved to do magic tricks for his family. And he revealed that he thinks magic nerds are worse than comic nerds.

3:49 pm: Joss announced that he’s officially directing The Avengers!! But it’s too early to talk about the story. He’s reworking the script right now.

3:53 pm: Abrams also says it’s way too early to talk about Super 8. He’d love to show footage but they haven’t shot any. They’re shooting in September.

3:55 pm: Super 8 WILL NOT be in 3D thank God!

3:55 pm: Aww, Whedon says he’s down with the 3D trend, but he agrees that there are definitely movies that shouldn’t be in the format like his very own, Cabin in the Woods.

3:56 pm: Thank you JJ! He says he’s not totally on board with it. He doesn’t like the dimness that comes with wearing the glasses. He likes to see bright, vibrant colors on screen.

3:58 pm: Whedon says Cabin in the Woods is finished but they don’t know what the studio is going to do with it. For godsake they put James Bond on hold, he doesn’t have a chance in hell! Whedon wants the movie to be the only horror film that’s not in 3D so they’ll market it that way. He says, “It’s the only film that shows images move across the screen. It’s painterly!”

4:02 pm: Whedon is talking about Dr. Horrible and how successful it was even though it’s an internet property. He’s proud of the model because of all the artists who benefited off of it.

4:05 pm: Whedon says he’d love for there to be a Dr. Horrible sequel but they want to do it on their terms and at the moment they’re — interminable.

4:07 pm: Both Abrams and Whedon say that a Mutant Enemy or Bad Robot (their respective production companies) channel would be a tedious task so they don’t know if they’d want a network dedicated to their shows.

4:08 pm: On the failure of “Dollhouse” Whedon said, “I was definitely trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. I learned that you should know your audience. I’m at Marvel right now and I’m extremely happy. They’re the studio, they know what they want.”

4:12 pm:  Whedon just said that he’s still angry at the Empire Strikes back because it doesn’t have an ending. “It doesn’t. He’s frozen in carbonate!”

4:14 pm: Abrams just gave a shout out to Edgar Wright. And Whedon says he’s had moments of sheer panic because of his obsession with the new Star Trek. Abrams gets a little bashful and Whedon says, “No, the kids have to hear this!”

4:25 pm: Whedon says he will be very respectful of the established tone of The Avengers. He knows that he has to blend all of the stories from the previous movies. He assures us that when he writes for Tony Stark or Steve Rogers they’ll sound like the characters not Whedon himself.

There you have it! These two are some amazing acts and hilarious to boot! JJ says “Bye!”

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