It’s been a long time coming, but Tron: Legacy is finally hitting theaters later this year (after being promoted for like 4), and some of the cast and crew are stopping by Comic-Con for a chat, just like they did last year. We’re live blogging from the Tron: Legacy panel, presented by Walt Disney Pictures, where director Joe Kosinski, producers Sean Bailey and Steven Lisberger, and cast members Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Michael Sheen and Bruce Boxleitner are all in the house!

11:20 am: Tron is coming! Tron is coming!! Some random guy is introducing the Tron Legacy panel.

11:22 am: Patton Oswalt just walked out. Eeeew, he just said “Welcome Furries!”

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11:24 am: They just showed an awesome video package of how Tron has impacted pop culture. There were clips from Tron on Ice, Tron on “The Simpsons”, Daft Punk, you name it , it was in that video!

11::27 am: Director Joseph Kosinski and the original Tron creator Steven Lisberger are in the house!

11:28 am: Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Michael Sheen have arrived and Sheen is covered in a questionable beard. Bruce Boxleitner on the other hand looks more together. Jeff Bridges is wearing a snazzy leather jacket and has his hair slicked back.

11:31 am: Kosinski says there’s no fake 3D here! The actors really wear fully illuminated suits and now he’s talking about Bridges playing 2 characters, Flynn and the 35 year old Clu.

11:33 am: Tron Legacy is very much a father-son story. They were really lucky to find Garrett Hedlund to play Bridges’ son. The audience just let out a big woooo for Hedlund. Girls swoon.

11:34 am: Bridges says it was pretty psychedelic to play himself as an older and younger man. He sounds like a stoned surfer. “The Dude” is in the building!

11: 36 am: Hedlund is talking about his skin tight suit that literally had electricity running through his body.

11: 37 am: Wilde says, it was such an honor to play a really powerful tough kick-ass woman. In the film her character’s been a companion of Kevin Flynn’s for a long time. She’s a fearless warrior.

11:38 am: Garrett had to go through extensive physical training, hand to hand combat, and Parkour.

11:39 am: Michael Sheen just made a crack about coming to Comic-Con dressed as Jeff Bridges, which is why he grew out his ridiculous beard. He also said Tron Legacy is really a 4D film because Bridges adds an extra dimension of awesomeness!

11:41 am: Boxleitner said when he got the call to do Tron again he immediately threw his walker in the corner. He thinks that we’re all going to be very thrilled by it because he is the biggest Tron fan around and he thinks the film looks great.

11:43 am: Bridges says  Tron Legacy makes the original film looks like an old black and white TV show.

11:45 am: Patton just joked that they’re about to run a quick in memoriam montage for the fans who died waiting for this sequel to hit the big screen. Ha!

11:55 am: They just showed 8 minutes of footage from the movie and it looked amazing!!!

11:56 am: They’re about to shoot some footage using the Comic-Com audience. They have technicians throughout the crowd recording us as we shout different phrases on the screen. The first one is “Disc Wars!! Now it’s “Rinz Ler!” followed by “Dee Rez!”

12:00 pm: They just had us stand up and stomp a couple of times. Now Kosinski has us yelling and going silent. He just asked us if we’d like to see the new Tron trailer.

12:07 pm: One of the themes of the movie is the dark side of technology. We haven’t developed any ethics to go along with the technology we develop. He brought up the pollution coalition that deals with the environment and biodegradable products. He got “green” on us for a minute.

12:09 pm: Bridges spoke about why he did the second film. He said it appealed to the kid in him. You get to work with great guys and wear cool costumes and he liked the idea of creating a modern myth.

12:11 pm: Olivia just revealed that she hadn’t played a video game since Duck Hunt and she was shocked to see how much things have changed since then! Ha!

12:12 pm: Jeff Bridges is talking about how his preparation for movies hasn’t changed that much. He still maintains the playfulness with acting just like he did when he was younger.

12:14 pm: Since Tron is a father-son story at its core, and because Steven, Jeff, and Bruce set a creative legacy for where they could push boundaries in film they changed the name from Tron 2.o to Tron Legacy.

12:15 pm: They revealed that they’re having conversations about re-releasing the original Tron and converting it into 3D.

12:23 pm: They just introduced a special clip showing Johnny Depp dressed in full costume as Jack Sparrow talking about Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides. He just asked us to join him and his crew!

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That was funny, interesting, and surprising all at the same time. Tron Legacy hits theaters on December 17, 2010.