Dexter is coming back!  After the shocking cliffhanger of last season, producers and cast members of Showtime’s Dexter came out to address the fans and discuss whether or not it’s possible for our murderous hero to pick up the pieces of his shattered life…SOME SPOILERS AHEAD, BEWARE!

The panel was kicked off with a cut of a promotional trailer for the 5th season.  Though we can’t share that video with you quite yet, here’s a description of what it looked like:

First look at the season 5 promo SPOILERS: As Dexter slowly stumbles out holding bloody baby Harrison, the police arrive on the scene of Ritas murder, Dexter calmly and blankly states “It was me.”  He later has has to explain to Ritas children what happened to their mother, and they become increasingly hostile and resentful of him.  They seem blame him for the loss of their mother.  Debra, whose suspicions were building in the last season, seems to understand her instincts are telling her something important.  One detective in particular, (Debra’s partner), begins actively investigating Dexter, and it seems that he’s persuading the other detectives the possibility of Dexter being a murderer is very real. As Dexter tries to use his dark passenger to regain control of himself, but as it becomes more intense, it seems that he has even less control over it.  “It used to be that when I had a target, I felt alive.  Now I feel nothing.”  An upward shot of reveals Dexter hacking and slashing frantically, as blood sprays all over his face. END SPOILERS.

Panel Discussion

- Joining the panel are two new writer/producers to the show, Manny Coto and Chip Johannessen, formerly of Fox’s 24.  When asked what it was like moving from one runaway freight train to another, Mr. Coto responded, “One of the biggest challenges is that often, Dexter seems to be a dark comedy.  And there was absolutely no room for comedy in 24.  So finding that balance was a new experience to us.”

- A particularly Comic-Con themed question: Do the cast and crew find any similarities between Batman and Dexter.  Michael C. Hall responds, “I haven’t really thought about it, but right now I’m thinking of the scene in Batman [Begins] where he’s standing in the cave and the bats surround him, and it’s as if he’s surrendering to the thing he’s afraid of.  And I think Dexter has also surrendered to this thing that terrifies him, and is trying to manage it for good…much like Batman!”

- One fan began his question with, “First of all, F*ck cancer, you’re the man.”  The crowd exploded in applause.

- After evasively answering a couple of consecutive questions with single word responses, Jennifer Carpenter, who plays Dexter’s sister Debra, said “This show creeps me out.”  I think what she meant was, “This show’s fans creep me out.”

- Michael C. Hall frequently distinguishes himself separate from Dexter.  A question he gets repeatedly seems to be, “Do you ever feel yourself thinking like Dexter,” to which he (jokingly?) replied, “Sometimes in traffic.”  He went on to clarify, that he is, in fact, an actor.  However, “I rarely feel more relaxed than when I get home after simulating murdering someone.”

- Johannessen explained that “[The theme of] this season is not so much about Dexter’s sheer body count, but that he’s in a much more emotionally ragged place than he’s ever been.  And this thing that always calmed him and brought him piece doesn’t work anymore.”

- As the show’s future, and whether or not the end is in sight, executive producer Sarah Colleton explained that, “As long as we feel there’s a creative way to move forward and let Dexter have new experiences and explore new territory, we will continue.  When we feel we’ve hit that wall and the story needs a conclusion, we will all know it.”
Stay tuned for some videos from this panel, so you can hear what they had to say for yourself!