Marvel Studios continues to release promotional photos from their next comic adaptation, Thor. The film is based on the popular comic of the same name, which is heavily rooted in Norse mythology. The title character is a huge blond haired, blue eyed viking type who carries around a powerful hammer that can destroy anything it strikes. In this latest photo we get to see it and star Chris Hemsworth in action. Take a look…

For those of you who doubted Hemsworth’s physical prowess, behold!

This guy is huge!! He definitely beefed up after his stint in Star Trek. I’m not sure why he’s standing in the rain (inside) or what it is that he’s destroying but it looks awesome. His hair, slight beard, and tight shirt has made me a believer that this guy might be able to pull this role off.

At this point we’ve seen several close up shots of Thor and Anthony Hopkins as Odin, but what about Loki (Tom Hiddleston)? He’s literally appeared in the background of two photos. He’s the main villain in the film and it would be great to see him up close and personal (with his infamous helmet).

What do you think of the latest photo from Thor?

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