Check out some of the Comic-Con promotional artwork from AMC’s upcoming TV series adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead!” Directed, produced and written by Frank Darabont, it was picked up for a whole season on the merit of the pilot script alone. This promises to be one of the coolest new TV shows of the year!

Check out an image from “The Walking Dead” booth after the jump…

This comic series has been in print for over 5 years now, and is one of the best ongoing books on the market. It demonstrates a clear understanding that the scariest thing about the zombie uprising isn’t the undead, it’s the regular people. The show is currently in production in Atlanta, and stars Andrew Lincoln and Sara Wayne Callies.

This is probably the only real way to opt out of the zombie apocalypse. I was too disturbed by this to take a picture with him myself. Do you think his brains are conveniently splattered on the wall to leave a terrifying message for whoever finds him? Or do you think he killed his whole family and left the message with their blood before doing himself in?

That my friends, is true horror!

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