Proving that Comic-Con isn’t just for the ilk that quiver with lust at the mere mention of X-Men issue #129, walking the floor during this afternoon’s preview night exhibition, we stumbled upon a new video game that made our inner musical theater nerd do fan kicks and jazz hands for joy!

Apparently someone’s been reading our diary because Fox has released a little treasure called “Glee” Karaoke Revolution.

Basically, this is Guitar Hero for Gleeks. The video game gives you the words to sing and notes to hit, you’re just standing in front of a TV screen instead of belting it out in the shower.

Once we had the microphone in our hot little hands, a clip from the show started to play so we could sing along with Finn and Rachel to Queen’s “Somebody to Love.” Without Mr. Schuster there to bolster us, Batman-style blasts of encouragement burst across the screen; Perfect! Almost! Right On!

Be sure to check out photos from the rest of our Comic-Con experience:

This could prove to be an even better time suck than Facebook. Who’s up for a duet of “Don’t Stop Believin’”?