Thor won’t hit the big screen until the summer of 2011 but the film will be present at this year’s Comic-Con. All the hype surrounding the latest Marvel adaptation is paying off for everyone involved including its screenwriter. One of the guys behind the script for Thor, Mark Protosevich is using his high profile gig to kick-start his directorial career with another comic entitled, Freakshow.

If Freakshow doesn’t sound familiar it’s because it hasn’t hit shelves yet. It’s expected to debut in January 2011 and was created by David Server and Jackson Lanzing, with artwork from Joe Suitor.

It will be a 3-part miniseries that centers on five mutated survivors after a devastating chemical explosion, which has left the world’s only superhero dead and his city trapped in a dangerous and mysterious quarantine. In the wake of the disaster, these five refugees must decide whether to use their powerful but defective new abilities to save the remains of the city or extract their revenge on those responsible.

Protosevich’s previous works include The Cell (which he also produced), Poseidon, and I Am Legend. Those might not be the best films to have on his resume but let’s give him a shot.

What do you think of Protesevich adapting Freakshow?

Source: Variety, Freakshow