If you like bad movies, then this week is a time to celebrate, as both The Losers and Cop Out bring their questionable credentials into your house on DVD. If you let them. They’re joined on DVD by the super-hyped The Runaways and a show that your grandparents are certain to love.

Check it all out below…


Cop Out and The Losers

Why do we group these movies? Because they are two of the most miserably horrible movies that you’ll see all year.

But it’s more than that. Each one of these movies seems to mare a potential end. With The Losers, it could be the end of the “Hey, it was a comic! Let’s make a movie!” mentality. Just look at what happened to this and Jonah Hex. Not good.

With Cop Out it signals the end of many things. Firstly, the buddy cop drama. This one is a long suffering pet that was finally put out of its misery with this movie. Remember Showtime?  Remember I Spy? Well, both of those didn’t kill it, but they certainly laid the ground work for  Cop Out to do the deed. This genre just seems exhausted.

Plus, what about Kevin Smith? Where does he go from this monstrosity? At this point, he’s never really recovered from Jersey Girl and now he’s farmed out as a director-for-hire for this schlock?  He seems doomed.

So if you want to see the beginning of the end, just buy the DVDs:


  • The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsburg and the Pentagon Papers Buy Now
  • The Runaways – Buy Now


“My Boys”: Season 2 & 3

I honestly had no idea this show was still on the air. I thought it was cancelled two years ago.

As it turns out, the last episode of the previous season aired about 15 months ago. 15 months!

And that’s becoming a big problem. A MAJOR problem for these cable shows. How is anyone supposed to really latch on to them when there is more than a year gap between episodes.

Like “Breaking Bad”?  Well, this time next year the fourth season WON’T HAVE PREMIERED YET!  What about “Curb Your Enthusiasm”?  All we no is that it’s coming. Not when, just that it is. Seeya in 2012, Larry.

So why? Why do these cable shows continue to torture us with these long waiting periods?  Well, I’m sure it helps with DVD sales.

So when you buy “My Boys” on DVD, just know that you’re adding to a growing problem.

  • “Matlock”: Season 5 – Buy Now

And, Just So You Know, This DVD Exists. . .

Now with Amazon.com Description!

My Long Distance Relationship tells the tale of Samantha the hottest college freshman at University of Florida. She tries her hardest to resist temptation. She is courted by many people. The only way she has to keep in contact with her boyfriend is her trusty webcam. Which she uses for a little more than ‘staying in touch’.”

Oh Boy!

What DVDs are you looking forward to picking up this week?

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