Angelina Jolie this one’s dedicated to you. Keenen Ivory Wayans has been inspired to get back into the parody game according to a report from Deadline. The actor, writer, director, producer, and eldest Wayans brother has a new project on the horizon called, It Takes a Village. The film centers on a high profile actress who decides to adopt a child from a foreign country. Does this sound familiar?

Wayans will write and direct It Takes a Village, which will show the “other side” of Hollywood adoptions. On the surface, it looks like celebrities don’t have to go through the same tedious paperwork and screenings that us regular folks do in order to adopt a child. But instead of the protagonist getting everything handed to her she’ll take the baby home as well as the tribe’s chief and seven elders until she proves she’s mommy material.

Adoption requires the blessing of the chief who, with seven elders, takes up residence in the woman’s snooty gated community — where they become most popular guests among their insular neighbors.

We don’t know about you but Busy Phillips would be a great person to take on this role. She’s already worked with the Wayans clan in White Chicks and she’s not afraid to make fun of herself. Plus, she’s hilarious on “Cougar Town“!

What do you think of Wayan’s latest film? Who should play the main character?