Comic-Con 2010 is almost here but the festivities won’t fully be underway until Thursday, July 22nd. If you’re having a hard time waiting a couple days you’re in luck. Over at Yahoo Movies they’ve unveiled the first posters promoting Marvel’s Thor and Captain America. Actors and reps from both films will be in attendance at this year’s event and I’m sure we’ll get even more exclusives at their panel. But until the big day, check out the posters…

This obviously looks more like concept art than production stills but either way they’re pretty polished. I’ve never been a huge fan of Captain America (nothing personal) so out of these two Thor sticks out as the better photo. Not because of the quality of the image but because it features him and Loki going at it. Maybe if the Cap photo had Red Skull I’d be all over it but it doesn’t.

Loki’s horns are insane in the comic. I can’t wait to see those things on the big screen and in live action!

What do you think of the first Comic-Con posters for Thor and Captain America? Are you excited to see the panels this year? Which photo do you like better?