Daniel Radcliffe isn’t the only Harry Potter star getting work these days. Bleach-blond actor Tom Felton has landed a new gig in another well known film franchise. Twentieth Century Fox has announced that he’s joined the cast of their upcoming prequel, Rise of the Apes the latest installment in their long running Planet of the Apes series. Who will he play? Find out…

Last week we learned that Brian Cox had signed on to Rise of the Apes to play a cruel and abusive owner of a primate sanctuary. He won’t be alone in the “evil” department because Felton will star as his son, co-owner of the ape facility. Not only is the actor getting work, but he’s getting mature work that won’t have him playing up his youthful face. It’s good to see young actors make the transition from child-stars in one fowl swoop.

In the Planet of the Apes prequel, James Franco stars as a young scientist who’s working on a cure for Alzheimer’s disease that’s being tested on apes. His main subject is a primate named Caesar who becomes highly evolved at a fast pace and in order to protect him from further testing the scientist moves him into his home.

The film is scheduled for a June 24, 2011 release.

What do you think of Felton joining the cast of Rise of the Apes?

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