After the abomination of X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it’s safe to say that the Marvel franchise is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Twentieth Century Fox’s latest attempt to restore dignity to the series comes in the form of First Class which will be produced by Bryan Singer and directed by Matthew Vaughn. In a recent interview with SyFy’s Blastr, Singer opened up about the film’s casting and how he wanted Twilight’s Taylor Lautner to be one of its stars!

Singer was a guest speaker on Sunday at a church in Hollywood (Hollywood United Methodist Church to be exact). Yep, only in Tinseltown can you get away with using a sacred place for media purposes. He discussed the casting process for First Class and revealed that he was interested in Lautner for a part but the actor was unfortunately unable to commit.

“I wanted Taylor [Lautner] to do it, I really did,” Singer said in an exclusive interview. “He’s doing a movie in Pittsburgh called Abduction, and then he’s got the next Twilight movie. We talked about it a lot—he is a friend—and I really wanted to make it work. It just doesn’t look like it’s possible to do it.”

There’s nothing sad about them not being able to work that out. So far the cast is filled with solid actors who can actually act and if they threw Lautner in a whole lot of credibility would have went down the drain.

Speaking of crap, he also clarified that he’s not on board to direct Wolverine 2. Apparently there was a rumor going around that he had signed on but he nipped that in the bud.

It’s not what I’m going to do right now. The next project for me next year, in London, is Jack the Giant Killer. That is set in the 1300s, and it’s very fun. It will be a big movie.”

That sounds more promising.

How would you have felt about First Class if Lautner was cast? Would he hurt or help the movie’s image?