Just when we thought the vampire trend couldn’t sink its teeth into anyone else it’s gone after Will Smith. According to Deadline, the actor is in talks to take on the lead in a film entitled The Legend of Cain. As in Cain and Abel, the guy who committed the first murder ever recorded in the Bible. Yeah, Smith wants to play the killer in the movie that will somehow tie into vampires.

The Legend of Cain is a retelling of the strenuous relationship between two brothers one of whom kills the other out of a fit of jealousy. Smith will star as the lead and produce the film with his Overbrook Entertainment partners Jada Pinkett Smith (his wife), James Lassiter, and Ken Stovitz. The big twist of the story is that vampires will be involved. We don’t know how or WHY but they’ll be there.

The screenplay was written by Caleeb Pinkett, Dan Knauf and will be revised by Andrea Berloff. A director hasn’t signed on yet but with the success of Overbrook’s Karate Kid and Smith’s name attached we’re sure someone will come try to get in on this action.

What do you think of Smith starring in The Legend of Cain?