Why Nicolas Cage? Why?! If you were one of the many people who felt awkward watching Cage and his wig star in the 2007 adaptation Ghost Rider brace yourself because they’ll be back. A while ago it was announced that Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor would direct the sequel Ghost Rider 2 for Sony but at the time no confirmation had been given regarding the return of Cage. Last night while on television promoting The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, the Oscar winner let it be known that he’ll be back for the film.

Cage appeared on CBS’ “The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson” and told the host that Neveldine and Taylor will be directing the film and that he’s signed on to once again play the anti-hero, Johnny Blaze. He stated, “There’s gonna be a new one,” Cage told Ferguson after the host presented him with a model of a flaming skull, “I just made the deal today.” The film is also rumored to be called Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, something that doesn’t interest me in one bit.

The first Ghost Rider was a moderate success but obviously made enough money to warrant a sequel. There were a lot of people who were fans of the comic character but not fans of Cage’s portrayal. So if you’re one of those guys who had a serious issue with his casting, sorry but there’s more where that came from.

What do you think about Cage returning the title role in Ghost Rider? Do want to see him in the part again?

Source: Coming Soon