Last week we learned that “CSI star Marg Helgenberger signed a new contract with the CBS drama to stay on board beyond its 11th season and today we got word of another alum’s return. According to EW, sources close to the series and the network claim that Jorga Fox has inked a new contract and is keeping her alter ego Sara on the show.

The terms of Fox’s contract are being kept under wraps therefore we don’t know if she’s back as a regular or being put on recurring status. All we know for sure is that she’ll return to the canvas in some capacity. Even though the network refuses to comment on the news, something is afoot and we know it’s Fox!

The actress was just one of the 5 actors negotiating deals with the show including George Eads (Nick), Eric Szmanda (Greg), Paul Guilfoyle (Jim), and as we previously mentioned Helegenberger. As you may already know, they let co-star Liz Vassey go yet it looks like their keeping everyone else. How do you feel about that move from the producers? Fox’s character always annoyed us a little bit.

Do you think Fox should return for a full season run? What do you think she’ll do this time around?