Earlier today we got our first glimpse of Ryan Reynolds decked out in his official Green Lantern costume and now several more photos have popped up from the film. They feature Blake Lively, Tim Robbins, Angela Bassett, and an unrecognizable Peter Sarsgaard. The images will appear in the special Comic-Con issue of Entertainment Weekly that’s set to hit stands next week but you can take a quick peek at them right now…

In Green Lantern, Lively stars as Carol Ferris the love interest of Hal Jordan (Reynolds) and as you can tell from the above photo they gave her a serious dye job or a bad wig. Either way, her casting really offends me. It’s nothing against her as an actress, but she seems too young for the role and her and Reynolds don’t mesh well aesthetically. Something about their pairing looks “off.”

Tim Robbins plays Senator Hammond the powerful father of Hector Hammond (Sarsgaard), a scientist who becomes one of Jordan’s biggest enemies. They obviously tried to age him up with the white hair to make his relationship with Sarsgaard more believable.

Bassett plays the big bad Dr. Waller a character who’s always up to no good, and is filled with political motivations. The actress is a lot smaller than the animated version of the villain and I can’t help but hear CCH Pounder’s (from “Justice League: The Animated Series”) voice when I look at the photo.

What do you think of the latest photos from Green Lantern?

Source: iFanboy