Chuck” has come a long way since his boring cubicle days but he’s still not strong or sharp enough to take on someone like action star Dolph Lundgren. This week, the NBC series began production on its fourth season where Lundgren will appear as a more than worthy opponent for the title character. Creator Josh Schwartz recently broke the news via his Twitter to let the fans in on the latest casting.

According to Schwartz, “Yes it’s true. Dolph Lundgren to try and ‘break’ Chuck Bartowski in [the] Season 4 premiere.” Is this the place where all the stars of The Expendables go? Didn’t Stone Cold Steve Austin appear on an episode of the show too? There hasn’t been many details given regarding Lundgren’s role but going off of Schwartz’ statement about “breaking” things he’s probably not an ally.

“Chuck” will again air on Mondays in the fall on NBC; the network hasn’t announced its premiere dates yet. Lundgren can also be seen in theaters everywhere on August 13th when he co-stars in The Expendables. It looks like the new season of “Chuck” will kick-off on the right foot? Or should I say “break-off?”

What do you think of Lundgren guest starring on Chuck? Do you think he’ll break him?