There’s already plenty of skepticism surrounding Marcus Nispel’s adaptation of Conan the Barbarian, so do we really need another meat-head property on the big screen? According to several reports Brett Ratner (“The Rat”) might direct a film based on the legendary hero, Hercules. As in the brawny half-god, half-man who barely wears clothing and is really, really strong.

The Los Angeles Times claims that Ratner’s interested in taking on the Herculean task of directing Avi Lerner’s long developing hero movie now that Conan is well into production. The producer has been working on the film for over 3 years and he’s ready to kick it into high gear. There aren’t any specifics about the plot, the locations, and definitely not its casting so we’re not sure if this is a rumor or the real deal.

If the Times are reporting on it there has to be some truth to it, but the fact that it’s been in development for so long and they don’t know the basic premise is worrisome. Next to 3D films, sword-and-sandal epics seem to be all the rage thanks to features like Clash of the Titans, which made nearly half a billion dollars worldwide.

The question is, could Ratner do the film justice? I officially stopped giving him the benefit of the doubt after X-Men: The Last Stand so if he does direct Hercules, I’ll be sitting that one out.

Do you think Ratner would do a good job with Hercules?