What’s up with this year’s Comic-Con? Panels seem to be dropping left and right! Just yesterday we learned that the presentation for the campy horror film Piranha 3-D had been canceled due to its graphic content and now this. According to THR, the highly anticipated Steven Spielberg series “Terra Nova” has dropped out of the line up. Let the riots begin!

The trade is reporting that 20th Century Fox has decided against bringing the show to the convention for the same reason “Torchwood” and “Game of Thrones” will be absent — there’s nothing to show. They have no footage and they feel as if it’s too early to hold a panel at such a large event without some type of finished product. There’s nothing worse than showing up in front of a a large group of fanboys empty handed.

One show that could profit from this decision is the Starz action drama, “Spartacus: Blood and Sand.” The series panel was scheduled during the same time as “Terra Nova,” which means those people might slide on over to watch its presentation instead. Or for those of you who were interested in both, a crisis has been averted.

What do you think of Fox’s decision to take Terra Nova out of Comic-Con? Did you plan on seeing the panel?