Ever since it was announced that Edward Norton wouldn’t reprise his role as Bruce Banner aka The Hulk in 2012′s The Avengers, fans have been on edge. According to several reports Joaquin Phoenix was named as a possible replacement for the actor but Deadline Hollywood claims that Mark Ruffalo may have landed the job. If this is the case, the folks at Marvel are going to be pissed that this info’s been leaked!

Nikki Finke claims that Ruffalo is in the “late stages” of negotiating his contract to play The Hulk in The Avengers. One of the reasons this sucks for Marvel is because the studio planned on it being a big reveal at Comic-Con, which is literally a week away. If Ruffalo is confirmed as the new Hulk they can kiss that epic moment goodbye.

Just the other day, I was having a conversation about how solid an actor Ruffalo is but he never seems to get his props. He’s like another Stanley Tucci. He constantly puts out great supporting performances but he never gets the glory. I’m not sure how I’d feel about his casting as the Hulk, but then again Norton seemed like an odd choice when he was first announced too.

There’s a rumor going around that the entire Avengers line up might make an appearance at Comic-Con at a certain Marvel panel. Maybe that will be Ruffalo’s grand entrance?

Do you think Ruffalo would make a good Bruce Banner/Hulk? Do you think Marvel made the right decision?