Earlier this year, (March to be exact) we told you about Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman landing the lead in a pilot for HBO. According to The Associated Press, the series entitled “Luck” has been picked up by the cable network and is slated to begin production this fall. The cast is filled with film and stage veterans who will surely put their talent to good use. Check out the rest of the cast…

As previously stated by THR, “Luck” will center on the inner-workings of the horse racing circuit, while highlighting the behind the scenes drama that includes excessive gambling. Hoffman’s character Ace Bernstein, is described as “an intelligent, intuitive and tough man who has always been involved with gambling, from bookmaking to money laundering through a casino.”

He’s a recently released prisoner who reunites with his former chauffeur and muscle, Gus Economou to craft a complex plan involving the track. Dennis Farina, will star as his partner in crime who helps him recruit Turo Escalante (John Ortiz), a successful trainer with a sordid reputation.

Other cast members include Nick Nolte and Hall of Fame rider Gary Stevens, who appeared in the horse-themed, Seabiscuit.

What do you think about Dustin Hoffman starring in a TV show? Are you interested in the plot of Luck?