Betty White continues her media blitz with a new gig, on a new network, for another TV series. The actress currently stars on the TV Land comedy “Hot in Cleveland“, which got renewed for a second season but is gearing up for a guest spot for the competition. According to THR, she’ll appear on the new season of “Community” when it airs this fall playing another off the wall character. Find out who…

White has been cast as Professor June Bauer, “an esteemed, albeit slightly unhinged, anthropology professor.” Yay! She’ll be another psycho professor who can take over where Senor Chang left off. [Spoiler alert] He’s not a certified teacher. White will make her debut on the season premiere which the network hopes will add a major boost to the show’s ratings.

“Community” airs against CBS fan favorite “The Big Bang Theory,” and needs all the help it can get. The show is hilarious and has some of the smartest and funniest writing I’ve seen in years. That’s right, YEARS! Just because the Emmy voters are too blind to see it doesn’t mean that I’ve turned a blind eye to the writer’s talent.

Are you looking forward to White’s appearance on Community? How do you think she’ll mesh with the rest of the cast?