A new resident is about to scrub in and tap dance all over Hugh Laurie’s last nerve on “House.” According to THR, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star Amber Tamblyn has just signed on to appear on the upcoming season of the Fox series. She won’t be a regular but she will join the Princeton Plainsboro team for a multi-episode arc. But who knows, it could turn into something a little more permanent.

The trade is reporting that Tamblyn’s character will be a brilliant med-student who’s not yet certified to practice medicine yet finds herself in the middle of the biggest cases House and his colleagues encounter. She’ll also (like everyone else) have some serious issues with the good doctor’s ethics, or lack there of.

Tamblyn’s addition is supposed to make Olivia Wilde’s absence a little less noticeable since the actress is currently on a break filming Jon Favreau’s film, Cowboys & Aliens. This is one of many TV shows that Tamblyn has starred in over the course of her career. She got her big break in the mid-nineties on the ABC soap opera “General Hospital” as Emily Bowen-Quartermaine, and moved on to CBS’ “Joan of Arcadia,” and most recently the defunct “The Unusuals” with Jeremy Renner. Yeah, we haven’t forgotten about that show.

What do you think of Tamblyn joining House? Are you interested in seeing her on the show?