What is going on?! The Old Spice Man just left me a video on YouTube talking to me AND commented on a post a wrote about his recent video! WTF?!? At first I thought the video had to be CGI but after looking at five different videos I’m pretty sure these are real. Does anyone know what’s going on? If these are real, then once again the Old Spice marketing/writing team has topped themselves! For those of you who don’t know I wrote a story and posted a video of the latest Old Spice ad not too long ago calling it “Kick-Ass” and as Mustafa quotes in the video below “A Masterpiece”!

Check out his video (to me!) below…

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Finally someone pronounces my name correctly! Thank you Old Spice/Mustafa whoever looked that up!

And although his video to me is obviously my favorite (what can I say? He’s got a super hero voice and amazing abs!) I have to say that whoever wrote the following spot is a complete genius…

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So is this just an ad campaign? A hoax? WTF? Anyone know anything?