If you were one of the people awaiting to see the camp-fest Piranha 3D at Comic-Con we’ve got some bad news to for you. According to the event’s director of marketing and public relations Dan Glanzer, the film won’t be appearing at the convention this year and its footage has been banned. Dun, dun, dun! How will Comic-Con go on without the B-movie greatness of Piranha 3D?

The film was originally scheduled to appear on Friday but has since been taken off the roster. Glanzer claimed,

My understanding is that thee footage wasn’t all ages appropriate. We don’t check ID to get into those meeting rooms, so we don’t want something inappropriate.

This is true. The panels at Comic-Con aren’t huge policed events where people are checking your I.D. at all times. As long as you have a badge you’re usually good to go. But they have shown footage from R-rated films before, so it make us wonder what the hell it was that the Piranha folks were trying to do? Last year they showed material from A Nightmare on Elm Street, and prior to that there was a panel on Watchmen.

Paul Scheer who co-stars in Piranha wrote on his official website,

Piranha 3D has been banned from this year’s Comic Con Convention in San Diego for being too “Intense” and “NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY”

What were they trying to show exactly?! Now we’re kind of intrigued!

What do you think of Comic-Con’s decision to ban Piranha 3D? Was it fair?

Source: HitFix