Laura Vandervoort has been enjoying some mild success on ABC’s extra-terrestrial drama “V” but before she landed that gig she played a more powerful alien on The CW’s “Smallville.” The actress appeared as Kara the cousin of series protagonist Clark Kent and after a short absence, EW is reporting that the star is returning for the 10th and final season of the show.

Vandervoort left “Smallville” after the end of season 7 and briefly returned the following year to wrap up her storyline. According to sources close to the show, Kara aka Supergirl is scheduled to appear for one episode during next season, which is slated to air in October. Kara’s the latest Kent family member to return to the show after a short stint. It’s also been confirmed that John Schneider will reprise his role as Clark’s late father for one or two new episodes.

Star Tom Welling has made it no secret that he wants the original baddie Lex Luthor aka Michael Rosenbaum to make a return to the show as well as Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk). If his wish is to get all the original cast members to appear during the final season it might actually happen. Dead or alive they should make cameos, they did it for the finale of “Lost” why not here?

What do you think of Supergirl’s return to Smallville?