When you see the title of this film Great Dirtectors you might be thinking that these are the top names in Hollywood, but the people involved in this movie have done more than just made profitable films, they are some of the most inspiring directors who with their films have changed cinema as we know it. It’s refreshing to be reminded that “Great Directors” does not mean “top grossing directors” and that unlike what the studios may think, the box office does not decide who should be making films. The films decide that for themselves.

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  • Directed by: Angela Ismailos
  • Great Directors Interviewed: Bernardo Bertolucci, Catherine Breillat, Liliana Cavani, Stephen Frears, Todd Haynes, Angela Ismailos, Richard Linklater, Ken Loach, David Lynch, John Sayles, Agnès Varda
  • Cinematographer: John Pirozzi
  • Editors: Christina Burchard and Sabine Hoffman

The Good:

  • The Well-Rounded: There is an extremely well rounded group of directors in this film from indie American greats like David Lynch, to Oscar winning English director Stephen Frears, to Ken Loach who made some of the first films to be banned for their non-patriotic views of war and French director Catherine Breillat who would go to her film to watch people walk out of it in disgust. There are names you know and names that you should know, but all of them have had an effect on film as we know it, challenged themselves and audiences, and taken risks where no one else would.
  • The Interviews: Angela interviews the directors and gets them to open up and really discuss their process. It’s so interesting to hear directors talk so openly about what it’s like to make a film — It’s ego, insecurity, creativity, passion, everything that you thought and nothing that you expect all mixed into one!
  • Risky:

The Bad/Good:

  • More Detail: Angela covers a lot of ground in this film, but it’s obvious that there’s a lot of footage on the cutting room floor and I would LOVE to see it. There were definitely a few directors I could have listened to for the entire time (espeically David Lynch who had a fascinating story and an even more intriguing mind) and others who I wasn’t quite as interested in. The nice thing about this is that I have a feeling everyone will feel this way, except they’ll pick different directors. Everyone can find their own inspiration, it would just be nice to have spin-offs for whomever your favorite director is.
  • Pacing: There are a few moments toward the middle where the film could use a little boost in pace, but it’s hardly enough for me to ciritcize it for. For the most part it keeps up a good pace for the majority of the film, especially when the majority of the film is just listening to people speak.


What you really walk away from this film feeling is like you got to peak inside the minds of some real film-heroes, people who have made film what is today. It’s a real film-makers film. You feel like you get a peek inside some of the most creative minds and find out what it really takes to be a director. All of them are extremely different and yet they’ve all made a huge impact whether it be seen through awards, audience reactions, political responses or even through their work effecting others works.

Rating: 7.75/10

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