Bruce Willis may be well over 50 but he can still pop a cap in your ass! The veteran action star appears in the Summit Entertainment film RED, which centers on a group of retired assassins who reunite for one last job. The studio has released the first teaser poster for the film and it features Willis, a gun, and a lot of bullets. Take a peek…

The story for RED centers on Frank Moses (Willis), a former black-ops CIA agent, who is now living a quiet life. That is, until the day a hi-tech assassin shows up intent on killing him. With his identity compromised and the life of the woman he cares for, Sarah (Parker), endangered, Frank reassembles his old team (Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren) in a last ditch effort to survive.

The film is adapted from the DC Comics graphic novel by Warren Ellis and Cully Hammer. The film is directed by Robert Schwentke and is scheduled for release on October 15th. Here’s to hoping that this film isn’t a flop like Surrogates or Cop Out. Come on guys Willis needs a hit! Luckily for him he has a talented crew of actors and a fun premise to back up this project.

Are you interested in seeing RED?

Source: Collider