The casting of British actor Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker has left plenty of us die-hard Spider-Man fans confused. Sony claimed that they wanted to go for a younger, more urban Parker yet they hired the talented but 26 year old Garfield for the role. If that wasn’t odd enough there’s a rumor going around that Terminator Salvation and Star Trek star Anton Yelchin might be up for the part of Harry Osborn, which was previously played by James Franco in the original series.

According to IMDB, Yelchin is “rumored” to star as Osborn opposite Garfield. Both Garfield and Yelchin are talented actors and they both have that “youthful” look about them. Yelchin was actually one of the many actors in contention to play Spider-Man before Garfield landed the part so he could have impressed the producers so much that they want him in another role.

The problem with him being cast as Harry is Garfield. Isn’t Osborn supposed to be a little bit cooler, more stern, and more intimidating than Parker? Yet Garfield is a good 6 feet tall and Yelchin’s 5’9? Won’t there be a missing intimidation factor? I’m sure Yelchin can play a douche bag but come on. If the roles were reversed they would slightly make more sense but as they stand…meh.

What do you think of Yelchin playing Osborn? Do you think it could work?