Quick, somebody give Christopher Nolan the script to the pending James Bond film now! The director of The Dark Knight has revealed that he’d love to direct a Bond film one day, so in the words of  Captain Picard, someone needs to “Make it so!” According to Deadline, he spoke about his love for the franchise and how it would be a dream of his to direct an installment in the series.

Nolan was on hand at the world premiere of Inception in London and told the BBC,

“I’ve loved the Bond films since I was a kid. For me, they’re always about the expansiveness of cinema. The first Bond films set up infinite possibilities about the world they create. I’d love to do a Bond film. Bond is one of the great characters in contemporary fiction.”

He describes Inception as James Bond meets The Matrix, which is an interesting and intriguing combination. The film does have the international feel of a Bond flick and was shot in various countries. Beyond that he continued to compare his film with the template of Ian Fleming’s franchise stating,

“In dealing with the human mind and dreams, my mind naturally gravitates towards the Bond films as that sort of expression of cinematic potential. By the end of the film you feel that Inception could go anywhere and do anything.”

Who can we get on this? Sam Mendes was the last director attached to helm Bond but since MGM has put it on hold indefinitely we don’t know if or when it will get made. When the studio finally gets their stuff together can someone PLEASE slide a script under Nolan’s door because it would be a match made in heaven.

Would you like to see Nolan direct a Bond movie?