There must be something in the water over at NBC because their Thursday night line-up is royally screwed. First, Steve Carell confirmed reports that he would be leaving “The Office” after the seventh season, and now Alec Baldwin’s on his way out too. There have always been rumblings that the actor would leave “30 Rock” sooner than later and according to an interview he did with CNN it’s happening sooner.

Baldwin stated, “As much as I like acting, I know that I would love to have a different life,” he told CNN. “A private life.” He plans on leaving “30 Rock” after his contract expires in 2012. The actor has been planing to leave the show since 2009 so the writers have had more than enough time to come up with a logical yet entertaining way to get rid of his character (not that they’d want to).

Isn’t it convenient that his contract is up in 2012? Isn’t that the year where all bad things are supposed to happen? After his departure it would be in the best interested of the show to throw in the towel and the same goes for “The Office.”  It’s hard to watch the negative effects on a series after a key player leaves. I’ll never forget what happened to “Spin City” after Michael J. Fox left!

Do you think “30 Rock” should end after Baldwin’s exit?

Source: Paste Magazine