After carefully analyzing the nominees for the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards there’s a lot of talent missing from the list. Not only were certain actors not acknowledged but entire shows got the shaft! Don’t get me wrong, there were a few pleasant surprises along the way but some of the categories seemed to recognize the same old characters from the same shows. Mix it up Emmys! Here are some of the most noticeable snubs and surprises this year…


Where the hell is Ed O’Neill?

Seriously, did everyone else from ABC’s “Modern Family” get a nomination except for him? Are they trying to do to him what they did to the late Peter Boyle when he was on “Everybody Loves Raymond”? I love the show and I think that everyone on it is amazingly talented but it makes no sense for this veteran to get the shaft while everyone else has their moment in the sun. Shame on you!

Where’s Community?!

“Community” was one of the best shows to come out of last year’s fall lineup and they got nothing. If Joel McHale, Donald Glover, and Alison Brie couldn’t get any acting nods the show could have at least been recognized for their amazing writing. Their Halloween and action homage episode “Modern Warfare” deserves Emmy gold.

No Tracy Morgan for 30 Rock.

Will he ever get an Emmy for his role on this show? Is it too close to his actual persona or something? Maybe the Emmy folks don’t think the character is that much of a stretch so they ignore the amazing performance he continues to put out. He was nominated last year but went home empty handed. Can we rectify this wrong before the show goes off the air please?

No Christopher Meloni for Law & Order: SVU

Will the people over at “Law & Order: SVU” please give Meloni better material? He’s been nominated in the past but recently his co-star Mariska Hargitay (who’s won an Emmy and Golden Globe for her role as Olivia Benson) has been receiving consecutive nods. Either she’s the Meryl Streep of television or their half-assing Elliot Stabler because the man’s got the talent.


Friday Night Lights is in the house!

Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler both received nods in the Best Actor and Actress categories for NBC’s “Friday Night Lights,” even though the show is treated like the red-haired step-child of the network the talent of those two is unbelievable. The show as a whole didn’t received a Best Drama nomination but at this point we’ll take what we can get.

The Tonight Show… With Conan O’Brien?

That’s right! Conan O’Brien and TBS’s marketing plan worked and the host received a nomination for Best Variety, Music or Comedy Series. The irony of this situation is overwhelming. The fact that he got nominated for a show that the network dogged is sweet revenge. Plus the Emmys air on NBC so if he wins that will be awkward — love it!

Betty White Takes over The Emmys

Technically this isn’t a surprise because the world is obsessed with Betty White right now. The veteran actress received a nod for her hosting work on “Saturday Night Live” earlier this year. Honestly, despite all the hype she deserves the award. She’s 88 years old and I didn’t see her look at the cue cards once while performing and she was actually funny! If she can do it there’s no reason why January Jones should have sucked as much as she did.

Modern Family vs Modern Family vs Modern Family

As I stated earlier, Ed O’Neill got overlooked but the rest of his co-stars got some love especially in the Best Supporting Actor category. Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet, and Ty Burell were all nominated. Out of this bunch Stonestreet should get first dibs, then Ferguson, and then Burell but before any of them can take home anything they’ll have to defeat Neil Patrick Harris from “How I Met Your Mother,” which won’t be an easy feat!

Check out the full list of Primetime Emmy Nominees to compare and contrast our picks.

Those are some of our biggest Snubs and Surprises what got under your skin this year?